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Frequently asked questions
What happens after I join?

After you fill out the form and click PAY NOW, you will be directed straight into your backend dashboard. The replica webinar is created immediately and is coded with your unique REFERRAL ID that is visible in your URL and ensures you get the commission when someone joins through your webinar.

Inside your dashboard, you will have a link to the free traffic checklist. There are many free methods to advertise and send traffic into your new webinar. There are also a few paid methods which really speed up the process of getting new signups for you.

You will also be assigned a success coach, who will be at your disposal 7 days a week via by phone.

What’s my responsibility once I join?

Your only responsibility is to spend 15 minutes a day, minimum 5 days a week, following the FREE TRAFFIC CHECKLIST. If you need any assistance your success coach is only a phone call away. Now, if you are not techy or just do not want to do any ads, then you can choose to use our Advertising Team, then it will be 100% automated and you do not have to do anything…

How much will it cost me to join and start advertising?

The cost to join the Royal Membership is $199 and that is rebilled every 30 days. Your not paying for advertising so your total monthly expenses are $199.

Remember to take advantage of the Action Takers Bonus. Call or Signup within 48 hours and you will get your first 30 days for only $9.99. If for any reason you are not completely satisfied, just call your success coach and tell him/her to cancel your subscription, and you will not be charged.

What happens if I pause or stop advertising?

If you pause or stop advertising, you will eventually stop getting new visits to your webinar. You will still receive your existing monthly residual commissions for as long as you continue paying your $199 monthly membership fee.

You can cancel the $199 monthly payment anytime by contacting your success coach, but your monthly residual commissions will stop.

What is my goal?

The most important thing, is for you to get your first sale, this way you no longer have to pay the $199 monthly membership fee. Once that is done, every new customer you get will earn you $100 in monthly residual commissions.

It’s not a question of “IF” you get 1 customer, it’s a question of “WHEN”… When you get your first customer, you no longer have any monthy expenses… So we always make sure all of our new members are focused like a laser beam towards that singular goal which is, getting their first customer…

What are the Milestones?

Milestone 1: This is when you get your first customer. Instead of earning 50% we give you 100% of that first deal, so you’re instantly earning $200 per month and that covers the cost of your monthly membership fees. How amazing is that?

Milestone 2: This is when you have 11 customers. Your earning $1000 per month for life. That is $12000 per year. We call this the Smooth Sailing Territory Milestone.

Milestone 3: This is when you have 31 customers. Your earning $3000 per month or$36,000 per year. We call this the “ALL YOUR BILLS PAID MILESTONE” $3000 is more than enough to cover most people’s living expenses.

Milestone 4: This is when you have 81 customers. Your earning $8000 per month or $96,000 per year. We call this the “RETIRE OR NOT MILESTONE”. At this point you can just live large on your monthly residuals or keep it going.

How do I know when I get a sale?

When someone joins using the payment form on your webinar, or when someone joins by calling a success coach through your webinar, that signup will register inside your account dashboard, within 24 hours. When you are in your dashboard, you can refresh the page to see if you have any new signups.

Also from your account dashboard, in real time, you will be able to see how many hits/visits your webinar is getting

When do I receive my first check?

We send out commission checks on the 1st day of every month.

How many sales can I get per month?

If we answered that we would be guessing. Its always different. A good rule to follow is to expect about 1 sale every 100-300visits. That’s what makes this business mode so great, you can get just a few signups each month and in 4 months you still have $1600-$2000 per month coming in. For example; if you got only 4 signups per month… after 4 months that’s $1600.. so even when someone has slow months, they still succeed

Why do I have to pay $199 per month?

Well in reality, that fee is what makes this amazing model sustainable.

The fee of $199 is divided into two parts.

1. $100 goes to the webinar owner like your self.

2. The remaining $100 goes to us and is used to host your website/webinar pages on the server and for SSL certificates to keep your webinar safe and secure.

What are the payouts commissions when I get someone to join?

When someone joins, and pays $199. Your cut is $100. You will continue to get that $100 every single month for life.

What if one of my members cancels?

If one of your customers cancel, then yes you will not receive the $100 commission from them any longer. (but no one ever cancels and I’ll explain why right now).

Like we mentioned before when each of your members reaches the 1st MILESTONE, their monthly membership fee is paid in full. Now ask your self, why would someone cancel something they don’t have to pay for. They wouldn’t and they don’t.

Additionally they also know that if they cancel, they will no longer get their existing monthly commissions. So, yes I repeat… Cancelations are very rare.

Do you automatically bill my card each month for the ads?

No, the only automatic payment is the $199 monthly membership fee. If you choose to use our advertising team, the payments are not automatically billed. They are one time fees. To order ads you need to contact your success coach.

Do you stop billing me the $199 once I reach Milestone1?

No, EVERYONE pays the $199 per month every month for as long as you remain a member. Again, we will always bill you the $199 per month, but when you reach Milestone 1, you will have $200 in monthly residual earnings, and each month you will receive a commission payout for $200.

Can I use paid ads if I want to?

Yes you can. We recommend using our FREE TRAFFIC CHECKLIST in addition to any paid ads you do. We also will give you our 3 paid ad advertising methods, that REALLY speed up the process for you.

Is this only for United States or Worldwide?

Anyone from anywhere in the World can join. As long as you have a valid mailing address, we can send you your commission checks. If you are from out side the USA, please make sure you give us a valid cell phone number, so we can communicate via text message

What exactly are the Products & Services we get when we join?

1. A high ticket commission business model with residual earnings. You will have the rights to advertise and earn using our business model and replica of this webinar.

2. PRODUCT: A Webinar, which is a website and that is the product. It’s hosted on a server and is SSL secured.

3. SERVICES: Success coaches that answer all of their customers questions and close the sales for you

4. SERVICES: Advertising team that does all of the ads for you. For those people who are not Techy, and or for those people who just don’t want to be bothered with doing ads, our advertising team can handle it all for you.

5. SERVICES: Billing department that makes sure the payments go through, and who also make sure your commission checks are sent on time and straight to your door.

Do I have to call the Hotline or can I just Signup below?

You do not have to call the success coach hotline to join. You can simply signup below and we will initiate the process for you.

As for the action takers bonus is concerned, if you call a coach or fill out the form below within 48 hours, you can get started for only $9.99 for the first 30 days. It’s risk free!


Call The Success Coach Hotline
(929) 459-2777

24 hours / 7 Days

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After payment is complete, your webinar is created immediately. You will be directed straight into your backend dashboard. Make sure to remember your login username and password

Once inside dashboard you will have access to the Free Traffic Checklist, so you can begin sending traffic to your new webinar

Your success coach will contact you within 24 hours.

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